Indeed defines transferable skills as “portable skills” that can be transferred from one job to another. These attributes can be a hard skill (something learned and quantifiable, such as a certificate or degree) or a soft skill (something that is difficult to quantify, like time management).  Developing transferable skills allows you to more easily shift from one industry to another by reframing your existing skills. 

We’re going to take a look at what transferable skills are, which ones you develop while working in hospitality, and some ideas for how you can use those skills in future endeavors. 

Top Transferable Skills

Transferable skills can be used in almost any professional setting. These skills are desirable and employers will know they do not need to train you in those particular areas. 

Some of the top desired transferable skills are:

  • Initiative: personal motivation to accomplish tasks and contribute. 
  • Empathy: emotional intelligence helps build healthy relationships. 
  • Dependability: traits that make you a trustworthy person including skills such as integrity, punctuality, and work ethic.  
  • Problem Solving: identifying and solving problems.
  • Critical Thinking: evaluating information and moving forward accordingly after considering the evidence. 
  • Leadership: one’s ability to lead, supervise, and manage a team to accomplish a shared goal. 
  • Adaptability: adjusting to varying situations to get the job done while maintaining a positive attitude. 
  • Teamwork: acting as part of a team to accomplish a common goal.
  • Communication: one’s ability to clearly communicate information and ideas.
  • Writing: a primary skill of almost any career and an additional part of your communication skills. 
  • Listening: allows for problem resolution. 
  • Computer Skills: the ability to use various computer programs popular in business.
  • Management: assigning and accomplishing tasks, helping others to accomplish theirs, providing support and encouragement along the way. 
  • Creativity: often considered an attribute of artistic fields, creativity is essential in how you approach situations; allows for things to be done in new ways. 
  • Attention to Detail: noticing the big picture and the smaller details, catching errors along the way; everything is done with intention.
  • Project Management: the ability to see a project through from start to finish, ensuring the timeline stays on track, tasks are being accomplished, and visualizing the process in which things need to be done. 
  • Relationship Building: relationships are foundational to any business; the ability to bring different people together and find solutions.

Skills Gained in Hospitality 

Through working in the hospitality industry, you will develop the following transferable skills: Teamwork, problem-solving, multitasking, attention to detail, communication, adaptability, patience, empathy, and delegating with respect. Notice that all of these skills are among the most desired transferable skills mentioned above. 

Be sure to read last month’s blog post on skills gained in hospitality which dives deeper into how you develop each of these skills. 

Looking Ahead

The development of transferable skills is not just in the workplace. These talents and abilities are formed through volunteer experience, internships, school, and even your hobbies.

Once you have cultivated transferable skills, they are yours! Some industries to consider if you have a hospitality background include real estate, restaurants, event management, and senior living, to name a few. You can also “upskill” and acquire certifications that can work well with your transferable skills to move into new fields like construction or health care. 

Just remember–it is up to you to make the connection between your skills and the new position you are applying for. Do not expect the hiring manager to make that connection on your behalf. 

If you’re looking for a career that allows you to develop transferable skills, build relationships, and grow your confidence, a career in hospitality is for you! 

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