The hospitality industry provides truly invaluable experience for absolutely anyone that participates in it. The skills and attributes that develop after even a short time in hospitality are going to serve you well throughout your career (and even your life). 

Perhaps you have your sights set on a different industry altogether–great! Working in hospitality will help. If you are considering this field for the first time or would like to elevate your competencies, a career in hospitality will allow you to cultivate transferable skills your future employers will be glad to see on your resume. 

How does hospitality work help future you? Read on to find out. 

1. Customer Service

Customer service is the building block of numerous industries. In short, customer service equates to building relationships. You will learn how to navigate social situations in such a way that keeps customers happy and coming back. Businesses succeed with return customers, thus increasing revenue. This will help you to earn more money and keep the organization you work for happy. 

2. Team Work

Most jobs will require you to work well with others and integrate into existing teams. In hospitality, you will establish relationships with those you work with and become a thriving and productive member of the group. Everyone works together to achieve a common goal. Following directions as well as taking initiative will become an asset. Any company will appreciate a team member who makes contributions to add to the overall success. 

Adaptability is another attribute that will develop working within a team. In the hospitality industry, the length and time of your shift and the crew you work with will all vary. Having a willingness to help regardless of circumstances will allow you to become flexible and cooperative.

3. On-the-fly Problem Solving

Hospitality is a fast-paced environment that requires stress management for maximum productivity. Unexpected problems will arise; whether it be from difficult customers to internal issues, a balanced attitude is essential to work through things. You are 

constantly adapting to change and can become someone that can look for new opportunities to improve procedures and implement new solutions. 

4. Multitasking 

This skill is foundational to hospitality work. You will take orders, run food, help customers and co-workers, manage complaints and special requests–all while maintaining a nice, balanced flow. An employee who is able to divide their attention yet remain organized and personable is definitely a keeper. 

5. Attention to Detail

Through tasks such as setting tables, maintaining customer awareness, and inspecting a plate of food for order accuracy and visual appeal, you will learn to pay attention to details. This skill will help you meet and exceed customer expectations. Cultivating this habit can also allow you to advance into future roles as you will be able to incorporate observations into solutions for increased effectiveness. 

6. Prioritization 

Prioritizing your tasks while managing your time effectively in order to meet your goals is by far one of the most essential skills for almost any field. The environment will be fast, the workload will be heavy, but learning to prioritize will show your determination to handle your tasks. 

7. Communication

Part of what makes working in hospitality mentally and physically demanding is the necessity of multiple levels of communication–all of which occur simultaneously! Customers, staff, and management must be on the same page for things to run smoothly. Both oral and written communication and listening skills will be developed while working in this field.

8. Patience

Patience certainly is a virtue; it’s also a necessary skill when working with the general public. Patience will be cultivated as you take your time to courteously answer any questions guests may have while knowing in the back of your mind you have other guests waiting on you, orders to put in, and special requests to tend to. Maintaining a sense of patience and a positive attitude while navigating through difficult situations is a skill that is beneficial to you and future employers. 

9. Empathy 

Empathy is maintaining sensitivity to your guests’ needs over the tunnel vision of procedures. It is having cultural awareness to better read and understand various groups of people. This is a skill that will allow you to manage diverse groups with ease.

Recent times have accelerated us more into the digital age. In this ever-automating society, people have never been more important. Even more, people who are able to bring new solutions and ideas to the table will be a critical piece in these changing times.

10. Respect

Working within a team of many people, you will see the importance of everyone working together and sharing responsibility. You will learn to respect the members of your team who do things to look out for everyone and you will respect the work of those who have served you. Understanding the hard work and patience that goes along with working in the hospitality industry is definitely something to respect.

If you’ve ever thought about trying out a career in hospitality or perhaps you’re just looking for a job that will allow you to gather some new skills for your resume–we’re here to help. 

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