Job hunting can be a stressful experience, from resume writing to interviewing.  The face of a stranger asking you questions about salaries and past job performance can make even the most seasoned job hunter nervous. However, when properly prepared, interviewees can relax and focus on what’s essential: professionalism, confidence, and landing the job.

Do Research

Before you dive into the interview, there are a few things you should do to prepare.

Do your homework on the company you’re interviewing with.  Hiring managers like to see that candidates are interested in the organization, so going the extra mile to truly understand the company will go a long way in your interview.

You can gather information via the company website, research competitors, and even ask around about the company.

Dress Professionally

Casual attire conveys a casual attitude.  By dressing to impress, it shows that you’re taking the opportunity seriously and will bring your best self into your work. Even if the job requires casual dress, upping your attire to professional for the interview will help you present well.

Smile and Be Friendly

It sounds elementary, but remember to smile.  Sometimes when you’re anxious, you can forget to smile.  Smiling helps set the tone for the interview.  It increases your likability and displays happy, confident energy.

Respect Personal Space

Remember, when you go in for an interview, you may be entering the hiring manager’s personal office space. Violating that space will make the interviewer uncomfortable, which could cost you the opportunity.  When entering the space, be respectful of everything within.  Keep 3 to 5 feet between you and the interviewer at all times.  Don’t try to read paperwork on the interviewer’s desk or computer screen.  Don’t touch any trinkets or artwork, even if you’re complimenting it. 

Give Yourself Extra Time to Arrive Early

Arriving early doesn’t just tell the interviewer that you’re taking the opportunity seriously.  It also gives you an opportunity to ease the nerves and anxiety surrounding the interview by taking your time instead of rushing to be there right on time.

Treat Everyone You Encounter With Respect

You’re not just there to impress the interviewer.  You also want to treat all of the support staff with respect as well.  These may be your future coworkers, so be friendly and professional in all your interactions.

Don’t Overdo It on the Extras

Sure, you want to look professional and present yourself as a friendly, inviting person.  However, too much makeup, perfume/cologne, excessive jewelry, and other over-the-top accessories can come across as distracting rather than inviting.  Your goal is to be professional and confident, not a distraction walking through the building.

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