Employee motivation can be a challenging factor in the management side of the hospitality industry. While most organizations realize the significance of motivated staff, achieving this can often be taxing. Knowing where to focus your efforts makes all the difference. Elite Staffing offers you a streamlined solution to filling the gaps in your hospitality staffing while you can provide the environment for employees to thrive. 

This article will explore why people choose the hospitality industry, the nine proven elements that create motivated hotel staff, and how you as management can achieve this in your hotel. 

Why do people choose to work in hospitality?

People are drawn to hospitality for a variety of reasons. Whether it be the diversity, the engagement, the advancement, or a number of other factors that one seeks out in this field, it is likely to include some of these reasons. 

Rapidly evolving and growing industry

If you think about it, hospitality dates back to 15,000 BCE, with the Lascaux caves in France designed to house members of other tribes temporarily. Today, we have unique and personalized boutique hotels emerging in some of the most niche locations across the world. 

Hospitality is the fastest growing industry in the 21st century, which means that the future of hospitality is vast and evolving to fit the current need and desires of what people are looking for. 

Diverse opportunities

The diverse opportunities in hospitality are present in more ways than one. Not only will you get the chance to work with others from around the world, but you will also be able to cultivate many transferable skills and have the ability to explore other positions within the hotel industry. 

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Notoriously enjoyable 

The hotel industry provides a plethora of experiences for socially driven perpetual learners. From customer-facing to behind-the-scenes, there are many ways to find satisfaction in this enjoyable industry. 

What motivates people on the job?

The Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Environment Management published a study in March 2019 exploring what motivates employees in the hospitality industry. The findings indicate that there are nine core elements that matter most to staff. 

So, what elements make employees stay motivated?

1. Convenience

2. Happiness

3. Working environment

4. Will and desire

5. Relationship with colleagues

6. Work interest

7. Salary

8. Relationship with the employer

9. Gaining new knowledge

What is the takeaway?

The study indicates that Human capital is greater than financial capital.  A company’s success is not influenced by the capital or technology used but more by the knowledge, skills, and behavior of the employees it has. 

It’s pretty simple, actually. Motivated employees lead to increased productivity which yields higher levels of output. All of this makes your hotel more efficient, effective, and competitive.

How can management achieve this?

Be more than available

Being available for your staff is essential. If they have questions or concerns, you want to ensure they know who to speak to and where to go. However, beyond that, you can create a healthy work environment and relationship with your staff by also being a mentor or role model. 

Check-in with staff

Healthy relationships and employee satisfaction is achieved when you check in regularly. Ask for feedback and be open. Doing this will cultivate an environment of happiness and comfortability. 

Notice more than the successes

Rewarding successes is an investment worth making. But also noticing good effort and praising hard work can have a lasting impact on your team. Speaking of investments, make sure the salary is competitive, and your employees feel as though they are being compensated fairly. 

Provide career advancement

Gaining new knowledge is among the top nine things that motivate hotel staff. By offering promotions and career growth opportunities, your team will not get burnt out in their positions and can keep things interesting by learning new skills within the hotel. 

Put trust in your team

Trust is earned – we understand that. Once the trust is there, showing your employees you can trust them motivates them. This can look like allowing one team member to train a newcomer or encouraging teamwork to accomplish larger goals. 

Everyone is human

No one wants to have a boss that blows up easily, makes everyone on edge, and has the reputation of being completely irrational. Showing understanding to your staff and the various things that may come up is no easy task, but by practicing some empathy, you can gain the trust and confidence of your employees. 

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