“You should hire a candidate with no experience,” said no one ever. Well, actually, that’s not entirely true. Hiring for potential and not experience may prove to have several not-so-talked-about benefits. With the current job market picking up and hiring shortages still being a problem, let’s look at why hiring someone without experience in your industry might be the change your company needs. 

Disrupt the Industry Norm

According to the latest monthly jobs report, employers in the U.S. are still struggling to find talent and fill positions. You may find your organization in the place of wondering how you find the best new talent while our country continues to navigate life post-pandemic. 

We believe that the answer is simple – look outside your typical candidate scope. By that, we mean considering candidates with different skill sets and professional backgrounds. It’s time to disrupt the industry norm.

Why You Should Hire Someone With No Experience

They are willing to learn.

While there are, of course, challenges that come with hiring someone without experience, you will also be in an advantageous position as no bad habits will be instilled in them from previous ways of doing things.  

They cultivate unique company culture. 

By interviewing novice hospitality industry candidates, you’ll get the opportunity to meet individuals from varying backgrounds who will be excited and energetic to bring something new to the table. Find out their ‘why’ and see what can develop. 

They bring new energy.

Usually, someone entering a new industry (especially hospitality) is after something more; more meaningful, more tangible, and more hands-on. Many people may be pivoting mid-career and feeling burnt out on their previous role. The opportunity to start fresh allows for a morale boost for everyone around them, which is great for your staff and your guests alike. 

They diversify your workforce. 

Through inclusive hiring and diversifying your organization, you can increase employee retention, higher revenue, and improve morale. This leads to creative ideas and innovative solutions, all while making a positive impact socially through hiring someone with no experience. 

They will be loyal.

New employees, especially those new to the industry, will be eager to impress, learn, and take on new challenges. You will gain loyal employees by taking a chance on them and training them. 

They will be an economical choice. 

Experience does not necessarily equal performance. By hiring someone with fewer competencies, you can maintain some peace of mind that most employees are paid based on their qualifications. In this scenario, hiring someone with no experience puts you in an advantageous position. 

They are the future.

With a moldable mindset and a fresh set of eyes on existing strategies, it is only a matter of time until new, more efficient processes are created. It can be easier for them to come up with out-of-the-box solutions as opposed to someone who has been in the field for years and is perhaps feeling stagnant. Regardless of age or professional experience, innovative thinking can come from the background you least expect. 

Where to Begin

You can start by identifying your hiring needs with the help of a staffing agency like Elite Staffing. Remember, hard skills can be taught, but attitude and work ethic cannot. 

When you need fresh, new talent at your company, we’re here to help fill the gaps – short-term or long-term. 

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