Job searching can be a tireless endeavor with so many things to consider. For many, job hunting may look like countless hours spent on the internet browsing for work you qualify for, printing numerous resumes, and exhausting yourself before the work has truly even begun. 

As a business, you likely understand how time-consuming and costly the employment process can be. You may be tired of extending your resources to recruit employees and onboard them, just to find out that they aren’t a good fit for your team. Or, perhaps, you just need some additional workforce in a pinch. Whatever the need, staffing agencies provide the perfect bridge connecting the employee and the employer. 

What does a staffing agency do?

Staffing agencies, also oftentimes referred to as “temp agencies,” exist to connect people looking for work with businesses. There is a common misconception that staffing agencies only find temporary employees, but this simply is not true. Many firms will help you find permanent employment opportunities. 

At Elite Staffing Agency, we have partnered with the best of the hotel and resort industry in Arizona. Through our commitment to quality in service, we have earned the trust and respect of some of the best hospitality brands in existence. 

As a specialist in hospitality staffing, Elite Staffing Agency provides the most highly regarded properties with elite, reliable, and motivated workforce members every day. 

What are the benefits of using a staffing agency?

Partnering with Experts 

Staffing agencies often exceed many companies’ HR department resources. Employees of staffing agencies typically have higher qualifications and staffing agencies themselves usually cost significantly less than employment specialists or recruiters. As experts in the hospitality industry, Elite Staffing will find you the right placement to help you meet your career goals.

Expense Reduction 

Staffing agencies often manage the entire employment process. Forget about having your staff recruit applicants, managing pre-employment screening tests like background checks and drug testing.  We even take payroll processing and benefits off your plate. You can enjoy the overhead cost reduction and get on with managing your business. 

Access a Wide Talent Pool 

Elite Staffing will take the time to get to know you – whether you’re the business or the associate. With a significant network of available candidates that are willing and ready to work, we can eliminate your need to advertise, interview, and move through the hiring process. We focus on forming reliable relationships with both parties so we can expedite the process for everyone involved. 

Avoid Staffing Problems 

Retention is often an issue with hiring new staff. If using a staffing agency for temporary work placement, the employer is given the ability to pay attention to the staffing agency’s hire and ensure it is a good fit for both parties. This can eliminate problems long-term with high turnover, training costs, and employee morale.

Save Time 

Hiring a staffing agency will take care of the entire hiring process. We organize the onboarding paperwork, payroll taxes, workers’ comp, and unemployment benefits. For associates, the staffing agency will streamline the process of finding work for you by crowdsourcing opportunities that fit your skillset and needs. 

Refine Your Skills

Most staffing agencies will assist incoming talent by critically reviewing their resume and employment history to help reframe and revamp things to fit your current job search. 

Flexibility in Staffing

As a specialist in hospitality staffing, we provide the most highly regarded properties with elite, reliable, and motivated workforce members every day. Whether you need temporary or permanent employment – we have solutions for you.  

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