Job hunting post-pandemic has become a whole new realm for the job seeker. Too often, it is full of difficulties, new processes, and emotional burnout.

Whether you are currently unemployed, contemplating leaving your job, or desiring to enter a whole new industry, you may find yourself feeling some job hunting anxiety. The good news is, we have created this guide especially for you. 

Read on to discover some new ideas to wrap your mind around and techniques to make the journey as smooth as possible. 

Shift Your Mindset

Virtual Communication 

The primary form of communication is one of the first shifts that occurred when the pandemic struck. The entire hiring process began to rely heavily on digital platforms to minimize in-person interactions. While this has dissipated a bit, you should still count on having some form of virtual communication with potential employers. 

The New Normal

With remote work becoming more of the norm, new job roles are being created and really opening the door for more individuals to reach positions they may have never had the opportunity to in the past. 

Factors like location and education can be less of a hindrance. There is still a shortage of workers in many industries, so having a full list of qualifications is not as mandatory as it once was. 

Work environments that involve large amounts of in-person contact are transforming their operations to protect both the employee and the customer. 

Transferable Skills

You can use this as an opportunity to evaluate your transferable skills. Look at your previous accomplishments and dissect your past experiences. See how this can relate to the new position you are applying for. Ask yourself what makes you the problem solver for the organization. What do you bring to the table and how can you help? 

Create different versions of your resume for different industries. While this does take some time initially, it will be worth it to have a resume that really highlights your relevant skills and experiences. 

Look at the Big Picture

We get it — the job hunting process can be stressful! It feels like there is so much on the line, so much to do, and meanwhile, all you want to do is find yourself a job you can thrive in. This is where that mindset shift comes into play again. 

What Do You Want? 

This is the time to really think long-term. While the tendency is to consider your immediate needs (and rightfully so), you may want to ask yourself a few questions before proceeding.

  • What do you want to be doing?
  • Who do you want to work for?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years?

Sometimes it’s about getting in with the company you would like to work for and starting in a different position. Connecting with people is key and building relationships will only help you down the line. 

This is another time to consider transferable skills. Open up your mind to jobs that may help you obtain transferable skills for a position you want to secure in the future. 

Get on Top of Networking

Practice Makes Perfect

Video chats are being used for interviews, meetings, and other forms of professional communication; there is simply no escaping that at this point in time. Practicing on a regular basis will help create comfort and confidence. 

It’s All About ‘Who You Know’

It has been said before, “It’s all about who you know.” By growing your network and meeting people in related industries, you set yourself up for success. 

Set weekly and monthly goals for networking to ensure you stay on task. With some consistency, you will really see the benefit of your work and time. 

Ensure Visibility

Creating or maintaining a profile on networking and social media platforms will be a huge asset. 

Here’s a quick rundown of how to engage with the main players: 


A study found that 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn. To capitalize on this network, participate in groups and look at contacts you presently have. Reach out to new contacts in relevant fields. 


Make a professional business page that is entirely separate from your personal profile and share industry-related information. Job postings can be found under a company’s Facebook page and Twitter can be a great place to research companies and job roles. 

Reliability is Key

In this new era of employment, reliability is essential. Treat the online space the same as you would in-person relations. 

If you have a virtual interview, arrive early, look professional, and have a quiet and clean space. This may mean leaving your house to use a public space at a library or even sitting in your car. 

Don’t be late to interviews because you are not familiar with the technology you need to use. Double-check dates and times, ensure a reliable internet connection, test links to video chats and always reach out at least an hour ahead of time if you encounter any issues. 

Be reachable. This looks like staying on top of your emails, not screening calls, and keeping your phone on you to be able to answer as soon as possible. 

Manage Your Stress

Don’t be desperate. Re-frame the way you approach job interviews — you are coming to help the organization, rather than they will be helping you. Looking at what you bring to the table removes the stress of the process and allows you to feel more confident. 

Spend time working on your job search each day, and then have time set aside for decompressing and spending time with family and friends.

If you’re currently unemployed, learn a new skill or refine an old one. 

Work with a Staffing Agency

Job hunting post-pandemic can be overwhelming, which is why working with Elite Staffing can help reduce the stress and increase your chances of finding permanent work. 

Whether you want full-time work, part-time income, or just experience in the hospitality industry, let’s find a job together.